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Throughout the year, Appleton City Manor hosts several special events.

Each year we host a promenade.  This is an event that usually follows the same theme as the Appleton City High School Prom.  Family and friends of the students gather along with the residents to view the couple's formal attire.  A representative of the Appleton City Journal is present to take pictures for the newspaper. 

The roaring 20's was the theme for Appleton City High Prom 2015!

Residents seem to really enjoy when Promenade takes place!

In July we host a 4th of July party.  We have live music, fireworks, kid type games, and to help offset the cost of the event food is provided for a nominal fee.  A local church youth group will sell ice cream as well.

Each year we open our doors to little trick-or-treaters to visit our residents.  We line the residents up and down the halls with candy to pass out to little visitors.  We correspond this with the local community club activities in the park.

Residents passing out candy to young tick or treaters!

During Thanksgiving we invite family members to share a special Thanksgiving Dinner at the Manor.

Marjorie Finch and her family enjoying the Thanksgiving Dinner!

Clara Oberly, Peggy and Dan Oberly and family at the Thanksgiving Dinner.

At Christmas a special dinner is hosted for the Countryside Estates residents and their family.  Santa even makes an appearance.  Pictured are: Leda Wood and her guests! 

At Christmas a special dinner is hosted for the Countryside Estates residents and their family. Santa even makes an appearance. Pictured is: Ruth Fischer with Santa!

Other events that Appleton City Manor is involved in are:  For the married couples who share their lives with us a small reception may take place to celebrate their special day.   For those celebrating 100th birthday we release 100 balloons in their honor and host a birthday party!­